Vessel repair. Ship repair company. Shipyard.

Ship repair is the main marine business of the company.

Tekhflot LLC is certified by the following Classification Societies:

  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • Russian River Register
  • Shipping Register of Ukraine

The company is able to work with and under the supervision of other Classification Societies, including IACS members.

The company is a General (Chief) Contractor during the complex repairs, renovation and modernization, including custom, frontier, ecological and etc formalities.

The basic ship repair services include:

  • all types of dock repairs, including hull works, cleaning, blasting, washing, painting and etc;
  • vessel port agency services;
  • hatch covers comprehensive repair;
  • main engines and diesel-generators repairs;
  • automation equipment repairs and installation;
  • pumps of different types and boilers repairs;
  • vessel system pipelines repairs;
  • propeller-shaft complex repairs;
  • all types of welding works;
  • ship side valves repairs;
  • vessel turbines repair;
  • repairs of deck mechanisms and cranes of any structure;
  • repairs of electric equipment;
  • repairs of navigation equipment;
  • cleaning and painting of ballast/cargo tanks and holds, use of environmental control equipment;
  • lifeboats repairs;
  • life-saving equipment repairs;
  • machinery repair and replacement;
  • rennovation;
  • hull works;
  • refrigirators and conditioning systems repairs;
  • design servises;
  • radio equipment repair and installation;
  • carpenter works;
  • defectoscopy;
  • etc.

The maximum LOA of the vessels for repair is 260,0m.



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