Shipbuilding yard. Shipbuilding Ukraine.

Shipbuilding is one of the company main businesses.
The main task of our company is to accomplish the shipbuilding in the shortest period within the maximum quality of works.

The company is certified by the following classification societies:

  1. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping;
  2. Ukrainian Shipping Register;
  3. Russian River Register.

We are able to build vessels under the supervision of other international Classification Sicieties such as BV, GL, Lloyd's and etc.

The main shipbuilding directions of Tekhflot LLC: 

- Classical shipbuilding – construction of vessels of different types and classes, including floating cranes, tankers, dry cargo vessels, bilge water removing vessels, tugs and etc.
- Boat building – construction of yachts, motor boats, houseboats, floating houses, pilot and port boats & etc.
- Floating fuel stations building – design and construction of  the floating fuel stations, complexes, oil tankers and etc.

In 2011 Tekhflot started to build 4 general cargo barges with 2000 tons DWT.

In 2005 the company built the first crane vessel “Atlas”. The crane lifting capacity was 25/30 tons. 

Mane characteristics of “Atlas” are:

LOA - 48,6 m.
Beam - 21,9 m.
Board- 4,40 m.
Lifting height - 28 m.
displacement  - 1130 tons.

Since 2005 Tekhflot LLC has been designing, constructing and shipping the floating fuel-filling stations.

Tekhflot fuel stations are used for yachts, motor boats, cars, air cushion boats, helicopters, hydroplanes and etc refueling perennially.

The fuels are diesel, petrol and LPG.

Also the stations can collect and give out dirty (bilge, faecal, sewage, waste and grey) water.

The main technical characteristics of serial FFSs:
Length , m. - 10.80
Beam, m. - 4.34
Board, m. - 1,90
Displacement loaded (medium statistics), t. – 47.0
Light displacement (medium statistics), t. – 23.0
Fuel tanks capacity, l - 43 000 (pr. 50430
Fuel tanks capacity, l- 23 000 (pr. 50430)
Bilge water tanks capacity, l - 13 800 (pr. 50430)
Draft loaded (medium statistics), m. – 1.10
Light draft (medium statistics), m. – 0.50
Crew - 2 persons

Number of fuel types – not more than 5.

How does it work:
The station works almost like usual ground fuel-filling station.
The difference is that not only  cars and trucks, but yachts, boats and vessels are refueled there.
The pr. 50430 removes bilge water as well.


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