Ship design bureau. Design for vessels.

Our design department of shipbuilding and ship repair provides the following services:
a. project development of marine, inland and river-sea vessels in accordance with requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, the Shipping Register of Ukraine, Russian River Register and other international classification societies;
b. project design improvements and conversion of marine, inland and river-sea vessels;
c. coordination of the design documentation in classification societies;
d. advising on the construction, conversion and repair of vessels;
e. registration of a vessel in Ukraine;
f. evaluation of a technical condition of a hull of vessels on the results of survey (inspection);
g. development of operational documentation of a vessel;
h. assistance on one-time navigation of single ships or caravans;
i. fault detection of ship machinery and equipment;
j. representation of interests of a shipowner at a classification society;
k. etc.

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