Fuel barge.Floating gas station. Oil tanker. Floating fuel-filling station.

Design and building of original floating fuel stations are the priority of the company shipbuilding.
Tekhflot floating fuel stations are vessels that are used for yachts, motor boats, cars, trucks, air cushion boats, helicopters, hydroplanes and other ones refueling perennially. The bunker fuels are diesel, petrol, LPG and other marine ones.

Our floating fuel stations are certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Shipping Register of Ukraine and Russian River Register. Lloyd's, BV, GL, RINA, ABS and other certifications are available as well. The floating gas stations meet all ecological requirements of Europe, Russia, Ukraine and CIS.

Floating fuel stations of 50430 project can remove dirty (bilge, faecal, sewage, waste and grey) water from yachts, boats and vessels . Our floating fuel stations can be used as Oil spill & Debris / Garbage collecting vessels as well.

You can cover your floating fuel station cost ependiture after one working year.

Floating fuel stations

More photos of floating fuel / gas stations you can get at page FLOATING FUEL FILLING STATIONS

Maritime and river fuel stations, designed and built by Tekhflot  company.

Floating gas stations (fuel barges) of "Tekhflot" LLC, Sevastopol, can be self-propelled and non-propelled.


Main technical characteristics of the serial floating fuel stations: 

Main measurements of floating fuel stations (for projects 50430 and 50430XXX only):
- length, m. - 10.80
- beam, m. - 4.34
- board height, m. - 1,90
- draught loaded, m. - under 1.60
- light draught, m. - under 0.60

Floating fuel stations displacement (for projects 50430 and 50430XXX only):
- light displacement, t - under 25,00
- displacement loaded, t - under 65.00

Other characteristics of floating gas stations (for projects 50430 and 50430XXX only):
- the crew - 2 persons.
- fuel types - under 5 types.
- main engine - no.
- diesel generator - optional.

More about the project # 50430XXX you can get at VESSEL pr. 50430XXX. OIL TANKER.
More about the project # 50430 you can get at Project 50430

The characteristics of floating gas stations (fuel barges) can be changed up to the customer. For the Black sea, the sea of Azov, Mediterranean sea, Aegean sea and etc the floating gas stations (fuel barges) have the following maximum technical characteristics:
- length, m. - under 150.00
- beam, m. - under 30.00
- board height, m. - under 16.00

Main engine - optional
More about the Custom stations you can get at CUSTOM FLOATING FUEL STATIONS

The floating fuel stations are designed for working in the oceans, the seas, the rivers and the lakes as well.
The floating fuel-filling stations are equipped with the special fuel or LPG dispensers, helping to refuel the yachts, boats, cars and etc:

The refueling is similar to a ground car one (pls, check the video for more information).
The floating fuel stations have Tekhflot original systems including yachts, boats and vessels dirty (bilge, faecal, waste and grey) and sewage water removing. The versions and models of our floating fuel stations are constantly in renewal progress.

The floating fuel stations are the water-carriage future.

For more information, please, contact:
"Tekhflot" LLC CCO Mr. Alexey Malko
Mob: +7 978 811 72 95; Fax: +7 8 692 65 33 67
E-mails: tekhflot@mail.ru; office@tekhflot.com


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