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We offer shipbuilding management services all over the world with a best competitive price.

Tekhflot provides a wide range of shipbuilding services as follows:

1. Shipyard construction or conversion:
2. Naval architects and ship design development:
- Conceptual ship design
- Specification writing and review
3. Contract services:
- Legal supervision
- Shipyard appraisal and selection
- Technical negotiations
- Contractual review
4. Design review:
- Manufacturers selection
- Plans approval
5. Building and delivery:
- Shipbuilding supervision
- Commissioning
- Guarantee support
- Owner representation
- Conversion supervision
- Agent services
- etc.

Following the customer requirements, we can offer supervision teams leaders for local engineers and workers, overseen by our experienced managers.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact our office. You opinion is very important for us.

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