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Home- floating fuel stations


Mobile building. Mobile house.

Following requirements of our clients, our company developed an ideas of mobile shop, mobile office, mobile building and mobile house, attached to the floating fuel station infrastructure.

It is not a secret that almost all ground fuel stations get an additional income from fuel selling accompaning goods. That is why our marketing and technical specialists worked out the project of mobile shops for accompaing goods that can be sold to the customers of the floating fuel station and other locals.

A price of such mobile shop, mobile office or mobile house for the crew is less than the price of the onboard ones, mounted on/inside the vessel,  and an effectiveness is higher.

Moreover, the mobile shop, the mobile house or the mobile office working and operational expenses are less than the onboard ones.
For example, the mobile shop can be installed in a busy passage, close to the station, to make a brisk trade.

The standard dimentions of the mobile houses and other mobile buildings are as follows: 6,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 meters. Other dimentions are available as well. If the mobile shop, mobile office and etc. is bigger than the standard one, we use to manufacture it as a modular building that is easy transformed for comfort transportation.
Our mobile buildings can be used as storehouses as well. So you can use them as you want. We can build the mobile building that will meet all your special requirements and needs.


The standard mobile building looks as follows:


The mobile houses can be equiped according to your needs:


There can be a toilet and a shower:


The mobile building is easy to transport:

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